Lucia in the cabinet are specialists from 1.998 dressing the little ones in the most magical day of all, your wedding day.

   Try in the following paragraphs make clear your doubts when choosing the ideal place for princes and princesses who will accompany you in this beautiful day model.

   We have several classic collections which are continuity all seasons, and others that are unique to each season.

 Almost all our collections can be made in various colors and finishes.


Clothing ceremony niñasPara aged 1 to 6 years advise the flight model because it is the most elegant princess for those ages.

NiñasPara ceremony clothing girls aged 6 to 8 years, another model is ideal for them the Hipster.

NiñasPara ceremony clothing children 1 to 4 years or even up to 6 years, the sets that we have in our collections maho neck shirts pants and sash are ideal.

Clothing for girls ceremony For older children we maho neck shirt matching.

Clothing for girls ceremony If there is a child who has more size than appear on the website can give the garment to its size and to play without problem.

Girls clothing for babies ceremony family also carry the whole diaper cover and blouse or Jesusito or bubbler to match the chosen collection.


Clothing ceremony niñasPara place an order for your ceremony can do it by phone at 957 643 981 or by email at the address You can also go to our workshop in Palma del Río (Córdoba) by appointment by phone or email.

Clothing niñasTendríais ceremony to request your reservation indicating the selected collection, the color and the number of children who will accompany that day also indicating the names and ages of the children, who go on the label of garments.

Clothing reservation ceremony niñasPara need to know the wedding date for forecasting development of the garments.

Clothing for girls ceremony Shipping will be between 30 and 40 days before the wedding date.


Clothing for girls Height ceremony. As head to toe.

Weight ceremony clothes for girls.

Girls clothing ceremony Bust (measured directly).

Girls clothing ceremony Long (measured from shoulder to knee).

Clothing for girls waistline ceremony (only in the case of children).

Girls clothing ceremony contour of the head (for charlestón headdresses and bonnets).


Clothing ceremony niñasCon all these data will refer the budget of the costumes and accessories chosen.

Clothing ceremony niñasEn the time of booking ask the income of 20% of the budget to an account number that we will provide the remaining 80% for delivery.

Clothing niñasLos ceremony are free shipping.

Girls clothing garment ceremony If you need change, we the enviaríais the workshop and on the same day of receipt be rectified or a new garment to be sent as quickly as would be done.

Girls clothing ceremony If you need tissue samples or toes to find supplements do not hesitate to solicitárnoslas.

   Any questions or queries you can make the us reach our email and we will answer delighted.

   Then we leave a link to the Collections of Arras and Ceremony.


 No more. Thanks for keeping my dream dress so many children in so important and special days.